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Here are several patents by Dr. Hubbe and co-inventors

Hubbe, M. A. (2001). “Method for determining electrokinetic properties of papermaking furnish,” U.S. Patent 6,176,974, Jan. 23.

Olsen, W. L., Zhu, H., and Hubbe, M. A. (2000). “Method of improving pulp freeness using cellulase and pectinase enzymes,”U. S. Patent 6,066,233, May 23.

Hubbe, M. A. (1999). “Method and apparatus for measuring an electrical property of papermaking furnish,” U.S. Patent 5,936,151, Aug. 10.

Hubbe, M. A., Wagle, D. G., and Ruckel, E. R. (1999). “Method for increasing the strength of a paper of paperboard product,” U.S. Patent 5,958,180, Sept. 28.

Lisnyansky, K., and Hubbe, M. A. (1991). “System for on-line measurement of color, opacity, and reflectance of a translucent moving web,” U.S. Patent 5,047,652, Sept. 10.