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Here's where you find miscellaneous things that you can try out of curiosity, for demonstrations, or to have fun with kids of all ages.

Here’s a foam-killing demonstration that you can do in your kitchen. All the ingredients are perfectly safe!

Part One

1. Take two matching bottles with lids. Fill each one-tenth full with water.

2. Add two drops of liquid dishwashing soap to each (the kind you use in the sink).

3. Add a tablespoon of milk to one of them.

4. (IMPORTANT) Screw on the lids.

5. Shake and observe what happens.

Part Two

1. At least one of the bottles from Part One should contain foam. Scoop some of it into an ice-cream dish.

2. Splash some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on top.

3. Watch the bubbles pop!